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ULTRAHEAT T350 ultrasonic heat meter - Landis+Gyr
Heating & Cooling Meters


Our ULTRAHEAT / ULTRACOLD T350 heat and cooling meters are the first generation of compact meters especially designed for residential applications. Lire la suite…

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  • Ultrasonic principle
  • Accurate, rugged, non-wearing
  • Full-metal measurement tube resistant to soiling (DuraSurface™)
  • No moving parts, so no mechanical wear
  • No straight pipe sections necessary
  • Measuring range of flow 1:1000 acc to EN 1434
  • Total range 1:1500
  • Battery operated up to 11 years or 24V AC/DC external supply as special version
  • Optical interface for read-out with hand-held terminal
  • Pulse output  or M-bus (optional)
  • Europe, the Middle East and Africa

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