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Landis+Gyr E450

The E450 meter from Landis+Gyr is one of the most popular residential meters in the market. It is a core component of Landis+Gyr’s end-to-end AMI solution. The E450 is an highly flexible advanced electricity meter, a multi-energy data collector, a… Lire la suite…

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  • Powerline Carrier Technologies (G3-OFDM, PLAN+)
  • Single and polyphase, with and without supply control switch (UC3 rated)
  • Resilient design providing long asset lifetime and high-level security
  • Remotely updatable firmware
  • Standardized and interoperable (IDIS/DLMS/COSEM)
  • Designed according to the Fair Meter principle
  • Optional integrated load switch
  • Multi-energy support (wireless & wired M-Bus)
  • Programmable demand-response functions
  • Sophisticated network quality of supply functionalities
  • Anti-tampering package
  • Enhanced security
  • Consumer Interface (open HAN Interface); DSMR 2.2+ application protocol, OMS 4.03 application protocol for one-way wireless modes T1, S1, C1
  • E450 PLC OFDM G3 1ph and 3ph/4W and 3ph/3W with and without Supply Control Switch (SCS)
  • E450 G3 version available in Cenelec A band (5-95kHz) and/or G3-500 (150-500kHz)
  • E450 PLC PLAN + 1ph and 3ph with and without SCS
  • Europe, the Middle East and Africa

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